Smoked Porter Recipe

Plenty of sugars were left around after the first running of the Baby RIS, so I made another 5 gallons of beer. I’d be a fool to pass up on that. Just to be sure I threw in a few extra grains to hopefully add some body back and some flavor.

Smoked Porter

5 Gallon Recipe
OG= 1.066
FG= 1.015
IBU= 60
Mash @ 150 F.

Grain Bill
Chocolate = 1 lb.
Crystal 80L = 1 lb.
Peated Malt = 1 oz.

Summit = 0.75 oz. @ 60

S-04 @ 68 F.

RO Water +
Gypsum = 0.5 tsp.
Calcium Chloride = 0.5 tsp.

Smoked Porter Tasting Noted


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  1. […] If you’re wondering about my efficiency here, no it is not that low. I went ahead and did a partigyle to get about 5 gallons of Smoked Porter. […]


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