Smoked Porter Tasting Notes

When you mess up, you mess up. I messed up. I thought that this beer had finished fermenting. Nope.

When you have a beer that you think finishes it’s fermentation at 1.020 and really it has to get to 1.015, you’re going to have gushers. Not those delicious candies from back in the day. This…


As dark as you’d want a beer like this. The head is weak and way too bubbly.

It smells roasty with a hint of sweetness. More of a stout aroma really.

No real smoke flavor here. Some, but not a lot of, chocolate. There’s a carbonic bite to it caused by bottling it too soon. I can’t tell if the astringency is because it is the second running or the carbonation.

Really it isn’t a bad beer. It needs improvement and some mistakes need to be fixed. For a second beer though, it is definitely a win. An RIS grain bill may not be ideal for a Porter.


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