American Wheat/Saison Partigyle Recipe

I actually don’t do as many partigyle beers as it seems. Sometimes I’ve got a second yeast around and other times I’m making that first beer and it is so big (in gravity) that I just feel obligated to give myself another batch.

This one was the leftover yeast kind. I wanted an American Wheat and figured I’d throw in a few extra grains to the recipe to and make a Saison in the 90+ F. garage. The plan was to hop the American Wheat with El Dorado and to hop the Saison with some leftover Saaz and Hallertau that were going bad in the freezer. I was unorganized and reversed them before I even knew it. Doh! Roll with the changes when they come I guess.

American Wheat Saison Partigyle

5 Gallon Recipe • 2 Gallon Recipe
OG= 1.076 • 1.064 (before 0.5 lb. sugar)
FG= 1.010 • 1.009
IBU= 30 • 35
Mash @ 152 F.

Grain Bill
2-Row = 6 lbs.
Wheat = 4 lbs.
Munich = 8 oz.
Caravienne = 8 oz.

American Wheat Hops

Saaz = 0.75 oz. @ cube*
Hallertau = 0.75 oz. @ cube*
Amarillo = 1 oz. @ cube*

Saison Hops

Amarillo = 1 oz. @ 5
El Dorado = 1 oz. @ 5

S-05 @ 70 F.
Belle Saison @ 90+ F. (fluctuating in the garage)

RO Water +
Gypsum = 1/2 tsp.
Calcium Chloride = 1/2 tsp.

American Wheat Tasting Notes

Saison Tasting Notes

*This was one of my No Chill (Cube) Brewing beers.


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