Pizza Port Swami and Ponto Review

The same friend who gave me the Enjoy By brought me a few cans of Pizza Port’s Swami IPA and their session IPA Ponto.



Almost Miller Lite clear and gold. Yeast particles floating in the pour. That’s interesting.

Big hop aroma. This smells great. Simcoe or Columbus is my guess. Dank dank dank.

I really like this flavor. It’s basically the same as it smells. Dank and pine all over. The hops just take over here. No booze at all. A little onion, but I’ve been tasting that with a few beers, so who knows.

For a session IPA I would say it’s an 8 or so out of 10. I’d like some more floral or fruit hops in there to balance things out. The flavor is a little too big for a session, but I like it.

It is for sure an IPA. Sessionable? Not really. Really enjoyable but the flavor is heavier than it intends to be.



More of an orange to it. There were some yeast particles in this one too. I guess they “bottle” condition their beers. Crystal clear as you would expect.

A good dank aroma. You know it’s an IPA from smell alone.

Nearly the same as the Ponto but there’s something else there to balance it better. Maybe the extra alcohol? Maybe another hop? It’s a happy addition whatever it is.

I’d take this beer over the Ponto pretty much hands down. It has whatever was missing with the other beer. As far as IPAs go, it is a good example of the style. 8.5 out of 10 for an IPA.


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