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American Wheat/Saison Partigyle Recipe

I actually don’t do as many partigyle beers as it seems. Sometimes I’ve got a second yeast around and other times I’m making that first beer and it is so big (in gravity) that I just feel obligated to give myself another batch.
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Smoked Porter Recipe

Plenty of sugars were left around after the first running of the Baby RIS, so I made another 5 gallons of beer. I’d be a fool to pass up on that. Just to be sure I threw in a few extra grains to hopefully add some body back and some flavor.
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Stone RIS aka Baby RIS

When my wife and I decided that we wanted to have a child, I was sure that I needed to make a beer that would be ready when he was born. There were a few other factors that needed to be considered other than just the length though.
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Wheat Wine Partigyle Recipe

In November, my wife and I are expecting our first child, so right now I am looking to make beers that both can and will need to be aged a little. The wife is more than willing (for now..) to let me brew as often as usual after the little guy comes along, but I doubt she and I will be as excited about brewing once he is born. To me, that’s a good excuse to make us a stockpile.
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Double IPA Recipe

Back in June I was able to escape the Phoenix heat and make the annual Zoni pilgrimage to San Diego. While I was there I was fortunate enough to stop in at Alpine Brewery to buy some Pure Hoppiness and later on find the coveted Pliny the Elder at a local bottle shop. Pliny definitely is worthy of the hype and Pure Hoppiness is just a hair behind it in quality. Now I had to try to make one of my own.
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